We love to hire vets


We love our vets! In case we didn’t mention it, we love hiring veterans. We adore our vets. We love hiring vets for many reason and who wouldn’t after they have laid their life on the line for the benefit of others?  Vets are so brave! Not sure how they do it, I’m afraid when […]

Crystal on consignment


SELLERS ARE IN THE DRIVER SEAT Reselling Designer Crystal Florida Estate Sales and Auction Company is more than just a typical ‘estate sale’ firm. They also do consignment, auctions, private sales, auctions, public sales, and of course, estate sales. Often when a client has a special collectible or collection of fine art, fine jewelry, or […]

Buying and Selling David Yurman Jewelry


David Yurman Jewelry so pretty. While shopping at Palm Beach Gardens the other day I was stopped in my tracks with the jewelry displayed in the David Yurman windows.  I always thought of casual jewelry made of sterling silver, semi precious stones, and small amounts of white gold when I thought of David Yurman but […]

Lillian Bassman Photography

lillian bassman

Lillian Bassman Photography For those too young to remember, Lillian Bassman was most famous for her black and white photography, geometric placement and camera angles as well as her paintings.  She worked at Harpers Bazaar for almost 20 years where she created the most fashion forward magazine covers of the time. People may not know […]

B&B Italia resale

B&B Italia

B&B Italia I remember the first time I was introduced to B&B Italia. I was driving down Ponce de Leon Blvd and saw a wild black and white dresser [offered by Cappellini] in the window.  I made a U-turn and went into this store that was new to me.   Well the dresser turned out to […]

Vases, vessels, and values

Vases for sale

Florida Estate Sales & Auctions We have buyers for everything Book an appointment for a free consultation Vases, Vessels, and Values Researching values before selling is crucial….or just hire someone who knows. Vases Jars, Cachepots and Jardinières Urns When it comes to offering high value decorative collectibles for sale you must get the price right. […]