We love our vets!

In case we didn't mention it, we love hiring veterans.

We adore our vets.

We love hiring vets for many reason and who wouldn’t after they have laid their life on the line for the benefit of others?  Vets are so brave! Not sure how they do it, I’m afraid when I hear a bump in the middle of the night!

Vets are also great employees to have on staff. Typically they are structured, organized, and get along with everyone.  They are additionally very respectful of everyone, both their co-workers, as well as our clients, and ultimately buyers/consumers.   


Veterans are also patient and easy to train.  They follow instructions exactly and always have a great attitude no matter the task at hand.

Veterans are also typically talented at so many things.  They are great at making quick fixes when needed and are willing to go the extra mile always.  Even with tasks that are not their responsibility, they are happy to help out.     

It’s also great to have a vet on hand for security!  It sure comes in handy to have someone on staff who knows how to handle tough situations and heaven forbid, intervene if we run into trouble with a difficult patron.  Luckily we’ve never run into a problem where we need the hand of a trained security officer but lately, you have to be prepared for everything.

We are very honored to hire veterans as much as possible across the USA.  Not only is it our pleasure to have veterans on staff, they are great people, and it’s the least we can do for their brave and selfless service to us all.

If you are a veteran or know a veteran that is looking for work, please have them contact us for opportunities.