Crystal on consignment

SELLERS ARE IN THE DRIVER SEAT Reselling Designer Crystal Florida Estate Sales and Auction Company is more than just a typical 'estate sale' firm. They also do consignment, auctions, private sales, auctions, public sales, and of course, estate sales. Often when a client has a special collectible or collection of fine art, fine jewelry, or…


Loet Vanderveen

Loet Vanderveen 1921-2015 We love to get Loet Vanerveen sculptures at our Miami estate sales. You don't have to be an animal lover to love the work of Loet Vanerveen but its hard to find an animal lover or collector of art who wouldn't want to own a Loet Vanderveen piece. We always consider ourselves…


Fine Art

We have buyers right now for Fine Art ALL Warhol Hockney Hirst Retro Held Zitko Fine art, fine jewelry, and classic cars are our true area of expertise. We have been appraising fine art and jewels for over 30 years, from all around the world. We've liquidated large Warhol pieces, large private collections, and full…

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