Abstract Art

Whether you own Curvilinear Abstract Art, Color-Related or Light-Related Abstract Art, Geometric Abstraction, Institutional Abstract Art, Gestural Abstract Art, Minimalist Abstract Art, we can assist you in public or private sale, consignment, or auction.

Florida Estate Sales and Auction Company’s primary focus is of fine art and fine jewelry. Some of the most exciting abstract art we’ve curated includes pieces by Jackson Pollack, Lee Krasner,  Willem de Kooning, Kasimir Malevich, Josef Albers, Piet Mondrian, Victor Vasarely, Frank Kupka, Trevor Bell, Paul Jenkins, Jean-Michel Atlan, Stephanie Visser, John Way, Mark Rothko, and my personal favorite Otto Zitko. 

John Beard

As the title implies abstract art is pretty easy to recognize but it’s also known as “non-objective art”, “non-figurative”, “non-representational”,  and “geometric abstraction”; all encompassing terms for any painting or sculpture which does not portray a recognizable object, scene, or person.

Interestingly, Picasso didn’t think there was any such thing as abstract art. He believed art is just really what the artist sees or is thinking or feeling. Even the most discriminating art professional can disagree over whether a piece of art should be categorized as “expressionist” or “abstract”. 

As of the date of this post, now is an excellent time to sell fine art.  It is a sellers market. Often it is times like this when collectors, investors, individuals, and institutions will sell to ‘take some profits’.  If you are thinking of selling one piece or a collection marking a lifetime, we can help. If you are seeking updated appraisals for any reasons, we can assist with this too.   

Stephanie Visser
Trevor Bell
Jean-Michel Atlan

Plato once claimed “straight lines and circles are… not only beautiful… but eternally and absolutely beautiful”, and we agree.

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