What We Do

We produce Star Island estate sales, auctions, and business liquidations

We get top dollar for belongings whether it is a luxury estate, modest estate, vintage vehicle, fine art collection, or a single piece of jewelry. 

If your situation involves the full liquidation of a loved ones home, are moving and want to lighten your load, or just scaling down, we can help. 

   With our free consultation we will give you a realistic estimate of the amount you can expect for your items and you can get to know management and staff. It will only take a few minutes for you to see that we will feel like family to you.    

Never any upfront costs or fees.

No job too big or too small.

Our Clients

We work with homeowners, attorneys, Real Estate agents, celebrity’s, business owners, artists, charity’s, corporations, and more.

We have become the go-to firm for many charitable organizations when they want to raise money for their cause. We are always happy to help out. 

No matter your situation, we can help, and we like to help!  Although this is our business, we enjoy the gratification of helping others.

About Us

We’ve been serving Floridians with estate sale & auction services for over 35 years.

We realize that each client is unique and each situation is different which is why we tailor our services to meet the needs of each project every time.  We wrote the book when it comes to estate sales, auctions, and liquidations of any type. We know what techniques works, and what methods do not.  We can manage the liquidation of an estate or business of any size. Regardless of the size of your project, we will work to obtain top dollar for your items.  We are extremely organized and professional, yet we are also sympathetic for such situations.

Our Process

Our process is simple. We take care of everything so you don’t have to!

First we inventory everything.  Then we research everything. Then we appraise each item for it’s current market value.  Then we work to receive the highest price for your items.  

Specialty items like fine art, fine jewelry, designer items, and rare items are typically better suited for auction so we can benefit from a larger audience. It is not unusual that we can get tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of eyes on your items. We want the world to be your audience and there is no better way to increase the amount of return than arranging for a bigger audience.  We are the only estate sale firm that offers this additional platform of marketing your special items globally.

In addition, we have a local and worldwide network of investors, collectors, and buyers who are always interested in fine art, fine jewelry, memorabilia, collectibles and collections of all types. Often we can sell your special items with just an email blast to our network.

Our Expertise

We’ve see and experienced a lot over our 35+ years of service.  We’ve liquidated art galleries, museums, celebrity estates, and arranged individual sales in excess of $100,000.00.

Our true area of expertice is with fine art as dealing in fine art is how we started back in 1985.  Soon after, due to demand, we added fine jewelry, then classic cars, and the rest is history. 

If confidentially is needed, no problem. We handle private sales for high profile family’s and individuals all the time.  

Over the past years we have also become quite experienced with Asian Art so if you have items from the Tang dynasty, Chinese urns, or screens, we very likely already have buyers for you. 

We're Respectful

With our staff you never have to worry about your property or belongings. We are extremely respectful of our clients living spaces and items. Although it has never happened, we of course carry liability insurance in excess of 1 million dollars should there ever be an accident on our watch. Our closest competitor cannot make this same claim of coverage. 

We realize that a liquidation of any type or size can be stressful. If the sale is due to the passing of a loved one, it is even more trying.  Please know we are professional, yet compassionate and sensitive. We understand that even a pair of salt and pepper shakers can hold sentimental value. 


We know all about security.

No one should ever hire an estate sale company without first checking that they are indeed licensed, bonded, and carry adequate insurance.  Checking refrences is crucial as well. 

Florida Estate Sales & Auctions provides many levels of security for our estate sales.  Staff is assigned to each room of home, lock boxes are used for jewelry, and we have additional measures that we keep private. In short, anyone thinking of causing trouble at one of our sales will be met with swift and strong action. 

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