Hillsboro Mile Estate Sales

35 years experience
in estate sales & auctions

We wrote the book on Hillsboro Mile estate sales.

Whether you’re moving, cleaning out, liquidating the estate of a loved one, of just selling off some art to take-some-profits, will assist you with VIP style service.

Why choose us?

It would not be possible to find another firm with our years of experience in Florida. We’ve been serving Floridians with estate sales and auction services for 35+ years.  As we have two locations (Miami and West Palm Beach), we know the level of service that is expected. 

We are also the best choice for luxury estate sales due to our expertise with fine art, fine jewels, designer items, and classic cars.  We however provide the same excellent, VIP service whether your property is modest home or a grand luxury estate. 

Take advantage of our free consultation and meet with management and staff.  We are confident you will feel more comfortable with them over any other firm. 

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Licensed, bonded, & insured.

Only our vetted, long term staff would be allowed on your property and handling your belongings.  We do not hire ‘independent contractors’ or arbitrary people as needed, rather the majority of our staff has been with the firm well for over 10 years. 

Our firm has been the choice for many celebrities, high profile family’s, attorneys, art dealers, investors, and collectors. Need refrences?  No problem, we love to show off. Please inquire for the most impressive refrences in the industry.


Hillsboro Mile Estate Sales

Florida Estate Sales & Auction Company understands that selling the home of a loved one can be very stressful and draining, which is another reason why we are the best choice for the job.  We are always respectful of our clients homes and belongings and compassionate in regard to the circumstances. 

Our estate sale process is easy on our clients, which is the whole point of hiring an estate sale firm. Our staff handles everything from start to finish including inventory, market value research, organization, display, tagging, security, paperwork, receipts, etc. Our goal is always to get top dollar for items whether it be the day of the estate sale or through auction.

Florida Estate Sales & Auctions always provides professional security for each day of the sale so that is another matter that clients do not have to worry about.

Estate Sales

We know the lay of the land when it  comes to estate sales and we know our way around Hillsboro Mile.  We’ve called Florida home for over 35 years.  There is no better suited firm to handle an estate sale of any size or scope. We understand that even a pencil cup can hold great sentimental value. 


Initally the firm started as an  art dealer where we would sell,  auction, and consign art.  Shortly there after fine jewelry & memorabilia were added. then classic cars, collections, collectibles, and ultimately luxury estates were the primary focus. We find it very beneficial to our clients to offer both, local estate sales, and auction services. It’s the best of both worlds.   


If time is not an issue, consigning fine jewelry, fine art, any type of collections, vehicles, and collectibles is a great option. It gives the firm time to find just the right buyer.  Whether we find the buyer locally in Hillsboro Mile, or half way around the globe, we always work to get full market value or greater. 


We are the only Hillsboro Mike estate firm who offers auctioning services and for specialty items, this is proven to be the best method of obtaining the highest return. With auctions, the world is your audience!  More good news is that there are never any upfront fees for any of our services. 

Typical items we successfully auction are designer items like Chanel, Cartier, Hermes, Rolex, and Gucci, as well as musical instruments, Asian Art, and all types of collections and collectibles. Our auction service is meant to augment the estate sale process to obtain even greater returns.

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