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what is the most Important Thing to know when having an estate sale or auction?

This is an easy one. The answer is the same if asked what is the most important thing about having heart surgery? The answer is to have a surgeon with a great deal of experience of course. The same is true when having an estate sale or liquidating any of your goods in any a firm with a great deal of experience and knowledge.

Putting the fate of your goods in the hands of someone with little experience is going to leave you "short changed" literally. Inexperienced people simply do not know what techniques work best, and will learn the hard way. Don't let inexperienced firms play trial and error with your property. Select the best, for the best results.

Looking to have an estate sale? What is the best time to do so?

There is no 'season' for estate sales.
People who follow estate sales attend sales year round. Collectors and investors also seek opportunities year round. When ever the time is right for the seller is the best time to arrange for their sale.

There is one tiny exception however. If there is a period of time that is typical for foul weather, and you can postpone your sale until the weather is more mild, that may be recommended. Other than severe weather however, there is no 'best time' for an estate sale. Some believe right before Christmas is a good time because people are seeking gifts and are prepared to open their wallets this festive and giving time of year.

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How do i know if i should have an estate sale or auction?

An experienced estate sale company will always advise you in a way where you will receive the highest return for your items. In most cases, there will be special items that are more suitable for auction over the traditional estate sale, and these types of items should be offered at auction. Having a firm that offers both services is best. With the ability to auction, your items will be marketed to the world, not just local people who would attend your estate sale.
An estate sale firm who also offers "private sales" is also an additional bonus. If you have a special item that would like to sell 'quietly', private sale is suitable. Perhaps you do not want family members to know you are selling a family heirloom...private sale would provide you privacy.

Always make sure the firm you select has liability coverage.

You must only hire a company who has adequate insurance. Some firms have none, so insist on seeing evidence of coverage and call to insure the policy is current. There are dishonest company's where someone would purchase a policy then cancel it days later, but their certificate still shows one year of overage. Sad but true.

Ask Questions.

Ask about their past transactions.
What was the largest estate sale they have ever had? What was the smallest estate sale they ever had? What was the most unusual item they ever sold? What was the most exciting transaction? What was the most expensive transaction?


Choose wisely.

Interview, check refrences, and ask yourself, "How comfortable am I with this representative". If you are not 100% confident or comfortable, move on. If you would invite this person to a family get-together, then you are likely in good hands.

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