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For Florida online auctions, the mission is clear, to market and sell items for top dollar on behalf of our clients. 

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A skilled online auction service can and does make a big difference in the quantity and quality of bids. As Florida Estate Sales & Auction Company has been serving Florida for over 35 years with online auctions, there is no better choice. New company’s who are still in the learning stages of the industry simply do not have the know-how, network, or tools to do the job effectively and successfully. In short, experience matters.  Management at Florida Estate Sales & Auction company knows what matters most and it shows in their results.

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Some of the firms specialties include the following:

Fine Art

Fine Jewelry

Designer items

Asian Art


Classic Cars

About Florida Estate Sales & Auction Company

During your complimentary consultation you will quickly realize that client satisfaction is paramount to the firm.

The firm’s core values are based on principles which include professionalism, prompt response time, the highest quality of skilled service, and ultimately the return on clients investments. The foremost commitment to  clients is to produce top dollar for their items, whether the buyer is local in Florida or half way around the globe.  

Why use a professional
auction service?

Because they know qualified buyers.

There is no question that a professional auction service  can better market collectible items worldwide than anyone. In addition to the auction process, press releases and direct notifications are sent to hundreds of collectors, investors, and repeat/qualified buyers to notify them of upcoming opportunities.  Do other similar firms do this sort of intense marketing?  No, they do not. 

It’s easy to get started with Florida Estate Sales & Auction company in terms of Florida online auctions. Just contact them and they will advise the best way to market your items to obtain the best return. 

True story, the average person makes 47% more when a professional firm is retained to manage the sale of collectible items.  Using a professional online auction service is not a luxury, it is good business practice.

There are some things that should always be handled with care, and by professionals, and selling art, jewels, collectibles, and other valuables is one of them.  

There is simply no substitute for experience.

Florida Online Auction Services

The superior service of Florida Estate Sales & Auction Company is the most experienced and skilled dealer in the area. Do not be charmed by new company’s in the area trying to gain market share.  Put your valuables in the hands of the most reliable firm.  The firms good reputation and referral network speaks for itself.

As a matter of fact, yes; time is money.

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