What makes a Paraiba tourmaline so neon bright in color?


Paraiba tourmalines are considered some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world, thanks to their incredibly bright and vivid colors. While tourmalines come in a variety of colors, only a few stones have the unique neon blue-green hue that characterizes Paraiba tourmalines. Their color is so bright that they almost seem to glow, making them a sought-after gemstone in the jewelry world.

So, why are Paraiba tourmalines so bright in color? The answer lies in their chemical composition. These gems are a type of copper-bearing tourmaline that is found in only a few locations in the world, including Paraíba, Brazil (where they were first discovered in 1989), and Mozambique and Nigeria. The copper content in these tourmalines is what gives them their distinctive color. The copper ion changes the absorptions of light inside the crystal, making them glow.

Paraiba tourmaline’s vivid color comes from the copper and manganese within its structure, which gives the stone its characteristic neon glow. Copper is a more rare element within Earth’s crust, and in tourmaline it occurs in a very specific way, enabling it to create the unique colors that gemstone enthusiasts adore. The tourmaline found in Paraíba occurs in copper-rich areas – where hot magma would have reacted with copper-bearing fluids. There, trapped copper ions and manganese create paraiba tourmaline’s bright blue-green color.

Additionally, Paraiba tourmalines are unique in that they also contain minute amounts of gold and bismuth which further intensify the brilliant blue-green color. This makes Paraiba tourmalines some of the most valuable gemstones available, with prices that can easily rival those of high-quality emeralds or diamonds. However, the rarity and cost of these gemstones haven’t stopped admirers from seeking out the stunning beauty of Paraiba tourmalines at any cost.

In conclusion, Paraiba tourmalines stand out in the gem world due to their neon-like blue-green hue. The copper-ion is responsible for creating the gemstone’s vivid color. This unique gemstone’s rarity, and value make it a popular choice for collectors, and me!