What's the best method of selling fine jewelry?

You know you don’t want to try and resell fine jewelry on your own. This is not safe.  But what are the options?

The decision to sell fine jewelry can be a difficult one and the decision how to to sell fine jewelry is even more troublesome. Whether it’s your own fine jewelry or the fine jewelry of an estate of a loved one, things  to concider include the current price of gold, the current market value for gem stones if applicable, and your time line.  Is the market up or down, is unemployment up or down, what is forecasted down the line, is there a global pandemic: these are all issue that can affect the best time to sell. 

Regardless of the things we cannot control, like a global pandemic, sometime people do not have the luxury of time.  If you want to hold off until closer to the holidays, that is a consideration, or perhaps it is a task you want done asap, every situation is different.

Once you’ve decided to sell, you quickly realize that selling on your own isn’t ideal.  You can’t have strangers coming into your home to see your jewels.  This is an invitation of robbery.  Shipping the item to a stranger is also not optimal because the last thing you want to deal with is a return where you may not get back the same gemstones as you sent!  It is not out of the realm of possibilities that someone could replace your diamonds with synthetic stones. If the payment was via credit card or PayPal, these financial institutions could rule that the buyer is due a return if they provided proof of return.  You do not want to be stuck in a situation like this. 

“Unless you are in the fine jewelry industry, don’t try and sell fine jewelry yourself.”

Like remodeling your house or having your car fixed, hiring a professional with experience is going to be your best option.  Unless you are in the fine jewelry industry, don’t try to sell fine jewelry yourself.  Instead seek the assistance of a professional.

By ‘professional’ I don’t mean a professional jeweler.  They will minimize your expectation on the price by claiming you should only expect ‘wholesale pricing’ or “trade in value”. You can do better than this.

Instead, seek out a professional in ‘selling‘. A firm who’s expertise is getting top dollar for a variety of items such  cars, art, jewelry, collections, collectibles, and such. They will have the opposite attitude of a jeweler.  They will not be in the mind set of ‘wholesale’ or ‘trade in value’, they will work to obtain as close to the RETAIL value as possible.     

Whether you have vintage jewelry, new jewelry, designer jewelry, custom jewelry, with or without diamonds or gemstones, concider All Estate Sales to sell fine jewelry on your behalf.  They will utilize various methods of finding you the perfect buyer.   They may have a vetted buyer in their network, or they may auction your item(s) to other qualified and vetted buyers.