Estate Sale and Auction Company Set to Escalate off Site Auction Services and Collaborations.

West Palm Beach, Florida — (RELEASEWIRE) –06/22/2021 — With summer in full swing, the 35+ year brand, Florida Estate Sales & Auction company, with locations in West Palm Beach and Miami, continues to manage designer and luxury goods for both sale and auction. 

Along with estate sale services, the firm’s off site auction department continues to manage the auctions of life long collections, rare items, single items, galleries of fine art, and full estates. Now is a great time to “take some profits”, say many art collectors and investors. 

The firm’s reputation for high end luxury items and fine art sales ranks among the top in the country which explains their repeat business from art collectors, artists, hotels, and corporations. 

In an era of souring real estate prices, Florida Estate Sales occupies an authoritative niche with it’s offering of both onsite estate sale services as well as off site services. 

Partnerships with reality TV continue to heighten the brand. In mid 2021 the firm will be highlighted on yet another television show that will feature their unmatched scope of services for selling anything from fine jewels and classic cars, to superbowl rings and even an antique stagecoach. 

Florida Estate Sales & Auction Company recognizes the importance and draw of traditional estate sale services along their thriving online auction presence. The firm’s staff of experts in art, gems, antiques, and collectibles has elevated their visibility on social media, and leverages individual sales in excess of $100,000.00 regularly. 

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida  and driven by demand for assistance in online as well as onsite services, the firm serves as an optimal choice for any type of liquidation. 

Founded in 1985 and amassing a following of diverse buyers, investors, and collectors, past sales include celebrity Rolls Royces, rare one of a kind collectibles, museum quality gems, Hermes Birkin bags, and alike. 

Management prides itself on reliable valuations, their global reach, and return business. The firm characterizes its own mission thusly: “See what 35 years of experience can do for you”. From Hollywood to Miami, to the unique and rare items, from celebrity clients to the average homeowner, and the automotive world; Florida Estate Sales & Auction Company showcases goods on behalf of clients with rich marketing platforms for the most effective promotion. 

The firm’s many years of experience with products in an array of industries, continues to redefine their onsite and offsite sales and auctions through unparalleled customer service and impressive results. With offsite auctions gaining market share the firm looks to further widen an even broader scope of clients and brands. The company’s advertisement team is currently seeking brands for mutual collaboration. Potential partners looking for inclusion in upcoming auctions, a springboard for a particular campaign, or TV appearance should direct all inquiries to [email protected]