Black & White Photography

Whether you have Black & White Photography, Nude Photography, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography, or Celebrity Photography, Florida Estate Sales and Auction Company can assist you. 

Types of Black & White Photography Florida Estate Sales curates include: Archival Black and White Photography, Pigment Black and White Photography, Paper Black and White Photography, Silver Gelatin Black and White Photography, and Modern Black and White Photography.  Artist typically represented over the years have been Andre Von Morisse, Joachim Schmeisser, Bae Bien-u, Al Satterwhite, Jesse Alexander, Henry Grossman, Mark Shaw, Ian Sanderson, Earl Moran, and Ellen Von Unwerth.


Auction, or private or public sale is an excellent way to market photography regardless if it is a single photograph, small collection, or photos saved over a lifetime. Selling fine art is best handled by those in the business to avoid fraud and worse.  Using an action house to buy and sell fine art, fine jewelry, and collectibles, removes the  burden from the seller and provides a safe platform for buyers. It is critical that sellers never allow potential buyers to come to their home in hopes of a sale. In fact it is best that sellers contact info be kept confidential to avoid issues as well.


Some of the most notable Black and White photos ever sold were “Phantom” by Peter Lik for $6.5 million, “To Her Majesty” by Gilbert & George for $3.7 million, and “Film Still” by Cindy Sherman for just under $3 million. 

It is important to remember that fine photographs differ from other types of fine art. Fine photography values can and do change quickly. The value and final selling price of photographs are often not determined by the artist, instead it is by the collectors and individual buyers.

Often times prices are so inflated that the asking prices are never realized.

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