We Know All About High Value Furnishings

Edward Wormley, Knoll, Harvey Probber,  Hans Wegner, and alike are designer furnishings we are familiar with. 

Often times people don’t realize the treasures in their home. A chair they got from a family member could be discovered to be worth thousands of dollars so when selecting an estate firm for liquidation, make sure you choose someone with a long track record of success and an eye for value.


This walnut Edward Wormley dresser is valued around $6000.00


Edward Wormley sofa for Dunbar valued at about $9000

This walnut Edward Wormley chair valued around $6000.00

Edward Wormley
One of the pioneers of modern furnishings

In 1926 Wormley studied at the  Art Institute at Chicago but when he ran out of money he took a job at department store Marshall Fields and Company. When he met the president of Dunbar Furniture Company he was hired to upgrade their line of furniture.  In 1944 Dunbar furniture altered their design sensibility to all modern and it was the best decision they could have made. It launched Wormley to the level of Eames, Bertoia, Knoll, and Nelson.  Wormley died in 1995 in Connecticut and his designs are even more popular and valuable today.

If you are lucky enough to own an Edward Wormley piece and are thinking of selling, contact us for a free consultation. We will market your high value furnishings nationally and internationally for the best return. A local estate sale is not always the best option.  

Estate Sales
Years in liquidations

Rolex, Fine Art, Collectibles and more.

Review our blogs for more information on estate sales and what to look for when considering a liquidation. 

Years of experience should be #1 in selecting a firm to manage an estate sale. Insured and bonded is crucial too. Authenticity and commitment to your needs is important. You need to be comfortable with the staff you will be working with.