There's a huge resale market for Tiffany & company

Tiffany & Company

If you are interested in selling any Tiffany items, we very likely have a buyer for you!

We have a massive network of collectors, investors, and buyers both locally and around the world. Items by Tiffany are amount the top ten things people are anxious to buy.  Fine jewelry including solitaire diamond rings, diamond necklaces, as well as precious colored stones like Sapphires also highly desired.  Yellow diamonds of all sizes and cuts also in demand. Naturally if you also have the original Tiffany receipt and appraisal, even better.  If you do not have an appraisal we can provide that for you as we have over 30 years experience in providing appraisal services for all types of valuables.   

Here are the type of Tiffany items we are accustom to managing for sale.

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany to date is still headquartered in New York since it’s founding in 1937 by Charles Lewis Tiffany.  It is interesting to know that the firm initially started out “stationery and fancy goods emporium” under the name Tiffany, Young and Ellis, but in 1853, when Charles Tiffany took control and established the firm’s emphasis on fine jewelry, the name was shortened to Tiffany & company.  

The brand name grows more iconic each year. If would be difficult to be anywhere in the world and not find the brand represented in any metropolitan city.  Today they are of course known for their fine jewels and luxury goods such as their leather, crystal, watches, home accessories, fragrance, and personal accessories like pens, money clips, scarves and handbags but have recently added everyday kitchen items like tea, paper cups, and mugs.