We are accepting Steuben, Bacarrat, and other high profile crystal and art glass for upcoming auction in south Florida.

For those who are not familiar, Steuben has a rich history of having their pieces displayed in some of the most high profile settings. For example, The glass slipper in the Cinderella Castle Suite at Disney World was made by Steuben Glass, a Steuben egg was a pivotal prop in the movie, Risky Business,  Four Steuben pieces, including the Gazelle Bowl, was added to the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Steuben was shown at “The World of Tomorrow” exhibition at the New York City World’s Fair,  The Merry-Go-Round Bowl, Audubon Plates, and a pair of Steuben candlesticks were presented to Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her wedding, Steuben has been presented as a gift of state by every U.S. president, and “President Bartlet” broke a Steuben glass pitcher in The West Wing episode “He Shall From Time To Time”.

It is also interesting to know that Steuben stopped producing colored glass in 1943.  For this reason any colored art glass by Steuben could be quite valuable.  Whether you have old or newer pieces of Steuben glass, they could be value as well.  For example,  Steuben’s limited edition “Ocean’s Pulse Sculpture” (below left) is valued at about $16,5000, Steuben’s “Golden Neptune” piece is valued at about $12,000 (below center), and who would have thought that the quirky “Frog Price” (below right) would be worth almost $7000.00 

bacarrat frog

Because Steuben has been in business since 1903 and was so a very popular choice for all types of gift giving (anniversaries, corporate gifts, and even in the White House) there is a track record and a market for the brand. Before giving away or selling off any art glass whether it be Steuben, Baccarat, Kosta Boda, Lalique, Orrefors, Wedgewood, or Waterford, reach out to a professional to valuate your items first. The last thing you want to do is give away a high value treasure.  

bacarrat lion
crystal fish