milo baughman

Milo Baughman furnishings

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One of the most desired vintage brands that always creates big buzz are pieces by Milo Baughman. Whether they are original or recovered and restored, there is a large aggressive market for these designer pieces.

Milo Baughman pieces are such high style that high end international firms like B&B Italia and Minotti are “inspired” by these vintage beauties.     

pair chairs
Restored $18,000.00
Orgional $24,000.00
vintage chairs
$19,000.00 for the set
Restored $16,000.00

Milo Baughman pieces at quick glance typically contain chrome. Chrome bases, arms, and pedestals. Sofas are often curved, and all pieces are low and modern.  Its often takes a second look tell the difference between a new Italian chair or sofa and a vintage Milo Baughman chair or sofa that has been restored. These designs were clearly ahead of their time in design.  

Baughman was born in Kansas, and passed away in 2003 and his entire career was dedicated to modern furniture design. His pieces were always affordable which allowed so many people to enjoy them and why there is a good amount of his pieces still in circulation. 

Baughman designed for several firms including Murray Furniture, George Kovacs, and Drexel.  He is most famous however, for his long term relationship with Thayer Coggin Inc., where he worked until his death.

Milo also lectured nationally on the topic of modern design. He was one of the creative minds who helped shape and define modern design for years to come including to date.

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