Thierry Mugler

(Pronounced Terry Mugler)

I think Thierry Mugler is and was the greatest clothing designer of all time.  I am not alone as Thierry Mulger has been worn by some of the most high profile women in the world.

Ivana Trump was married in a Thierry Mugler suit, Oprah has been known to wear Mugler during the filming of her show, Raquel Welch wore his suits beautifully, and countless celebrities have been seen on the red carpet wearing Mugler gowns. When I learned that Mugler was retiring I was seriously depressed.  It’s bad enough when your favorite perfume or lipstick is discontinued, but Mugler no longer designing clothing for women was a really big deal to me, and surely others.  

Everyone remembers the black gown Demi Moore wore in the movie Indecent Proposal with Robert Redford in 1993.  That was a Thierry Mugler dress. 

Mugler’s signature look is the cinched in waist to make women look like a perfect figure “8”. The construction of his pieces, especially suits is second to none. 

In the years prior to his retirement, suits were selling for about $4000.00 give or take depending on style.  Today, many of these suits still hold their value and sometimes even greater value.  Some of Mugler’s sketches that were given to regular clients at no cost are now being sold for $900 so if you have any Mulger items make sure and consult with an expert before selling. 

evening dress

For example, these Thierry Mugler from the 1980’s-1990’s suits are valued at about $3000-$4000 the same or more than the original retail price.

Mugler suit
Thierry Mugler
Thierry Mugler