We know all about Schonbek.

We are familiar with the speciality lighting firm Schonbek. From their vintage chandeliers to their modern lines such as Di Vinci, Equinoxe, Quantum, Refrax, Riviera and more. 

There’s a large worldwide market for chandeliers of all sizes and types (vintage, colored, flush mount, traditional, etc). Some chandeliers are even purchased just for their valuable crystals to be used as “parts” by collectors and craftsmen. Schonbek chandeliers are one of the most sought after chandeliers whether they are new or vintage.


are always in demand.

Opportunities for everything

Because we manage all types of liquidations, it often includes everything in the space including lighting, appliances, equipment, furnishings, rugs, vehicles, and even doors, umbrellas, and planters.

When a luxury estate or business is being liquidated, it’s typical that designer chandeliers like Schonbek, Swarovski, Baccarat, Eternal Brilliance, Phillip Stark, or Zenith Noir will be sold to benefit the estate.  This is especially true in areas like Palm Beach, Miami, New York, Beverly Hills and other high value areas. 

When commercial liquidations occur there can be opportunities for large dramatic chandeliers and other commercial lighting.   

Preowned Schonbek chandeliers have sold for $1000 to $20000 and previously owned Phillip Stark chandeliers can fetch as much as $100,000.  

If you have a chandelier or a home full of chandeliers contact us for information and assistance. We can help you liquidate your items with little to no trouble on your part.  We will take care of researching, marketing, selling, and arranging for transportation of your luxury items.   

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