Hermes Resale

Did you know that you cannot walk into a Hermes store and buy a Birkin bag? You can't order one either! They are reserved for clients and potential clients that have done the 'groundwork'. Don't believe it? Try buying one in person or over the phone and get back to me.

Then there was the ‘incident’ with Oprah. Yikes! We all remember that debacle where Oprah was not recognized and she didn’t receive ‘superior service’ to say the least.

If you can get by all the hoop-la, Hermes has some ‘must have’ pieces but they are not the ones you probably think of first.

The Red & White China is unmistaken. It can be seen on reality TV, in celebrity homes, and on the tables of the rich and famous. It can also be found via our firm…ask us about our transactions with Hermes china.    

Hermes china
Hermes ashtray

Hermes Ashtrays

There are a LOT of people who collect Hermes ashtrays, including myself. They are functional, small to store, affordable, lovely, and they increase in value everyday. My only complaint is that I didn’t start collecting them sooner. What was $395.00 is now $600.00 and increasing by my every breath. 

Beware of imitations however!  Firms in China have starting to knock-off the most desired designs so make sure and only buy from a reputable seller.  Even the counterfit pieces come with box and sometimes receipt, so buyer beware.

Hermes Beach Bags

Even if it was not made by Hermes, I would still want this bag. The bright orange just screams fun, the durable plastic makes it easy to use, and the printing is bold and modern.

This beach bag is reselling for about $800-$1000 but because it was a limited piece, holding on for a few years before selling might be prudent.  This might be a long-time keeper because it’s so cute however.

Hermes travel bag

Hermes Toho Bohu Scarves

These beauties come in silk scarves, neck scarves, and cashmere wraps. The process of making a Hermes is akin to the way Rolls Royce produces their vehicles.  It’s all done by hand, old school, how silk screen was first done.  It’s no wonder the 36″ x 36″ scarves are $600.00 as the labor and skill is very high. The twilly neck scarf can be had for much less and is affordable to anyone. Under $200 at last check. 

The cashmere wraps are fantastic too.  They are HUGE, enough to wrap around two people, so the purchase price is easier to justify, if needed. They are on the ‘thin side’ so just know they are not meant for warmth, just fyi.

Having something with the Tohu Bohu print is a must.

Hermes Blankets

Ya gotta have a Hermes blanket or two as well. Again, a purchase that will increase in value if you buy the right style and color.  The original Avalon blanket has sadly been mass produced so look to the other designs.  For anyone who was sharp enough to buy a Hermes blanket when they were first produced, back up the brinks truck, because they have skyrocketed in price. Retail multiplied by four or five is about my experience. 

The retail selling of Hermes blankets started off slowly with just a few designs over many years but now many designs are offered along with pillows and throws in a wide range of colors.    

Hermes avalon blanket

Lastly, anything with a tiger on, is good for me.  Ya gotta love the big cats. 

If we can assist you in the resale of any Hermes items, just give us a ring.